Preschool Transition Program (PTP)

The Transition Preschool Program is offered to children as young as 2 years old, for those who do not meet the cut off for PreK-3 as well as 4 year olds.  Children from Hoboken, Jersey City, Weehawken or adjacent towns may attend.  The Program is only available at the Mile Square Rue Site at a competitive rate compared to other centers in the area.  

The Preschool Transition Program was created for families who wanted to provide their children an early introduction to preschool with a staff of skilled educators within Mile Square ELC. Our Program utilizes the Creative Curriculum which provides developmentally appropriate goals and objectives for young children with four main categories of interest: social/emotional, physical, cognitive and language using  a theme-based learning model. 

You can fill out our application here - Preschool Transition Program Application 

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If you know anyone interested, please email or call 201-659-6086


PTP tour video 

Parent Testimonial - Linda J. Galarreta 

"Preschool Transition Program"

"Where do I begin? I hope the staff at Milesquare (Rue) location all know by now, how much I truly and greatly love and appreciate them especially these three women (Madelyn, Neyda, & Gwen) as well as these wonderful teachers who have been in both of our son’s lives since the very beginning (Ms. Antonia, Ms. Maricela, Ms. Mery, Ms. Alfa, Ms. Yessica, Ms. Claudia, Ms. Sara, Ms. Shuborna, & Ms. Rosa). The entire Milesquare Staff at Rue have been over the top amazing with our children and for that I will always be thankful not just during this time to give thanks but 365 days a year. I always get teary eyed when thinking of the important role you all have played in our lives especially in my middle son's life who is on the Autism Spectrum. Since before his autism diagnosis all of these women have been patient, understanding and caring of his overall needs and that speaks volumes about how wonderful they are. LOVE YOU ALL A TRILLION!!!!" 

Parent Testimonial:

Preschool Transitional Program

"Our boys have attended Mile Square since they were 6 months to 3 years old and at every stage of their developmental jouney, the Mile Square Staff and Teachers have been caring, warm and just wonderful. I have always felt that the teachers have treated my kids like family and I can tell by their behavior (constant) request for their teachers that they have always felt safe and well taken care of.  Our boys have thrived in the classroom.  The teachers and staff have done a great job at building a curriculum that is "right sized" to their age groups and developmental abilities.  We will certainly miss the program next year but are so grateful for how far our kids have come through the great work of the Mile Square Team."