Check our programs that we offer alongside our regular Pre-K School Day

Before & Aftercare Program (WRAP)

We offer a safe, reliable, familiar and fun filled Before and After Care program for parents that need a little more time. Activities are planned based on the interests of the children in the group and, therefore, vary from site to site. In past years activities have included: music, art, a variety of gym activities, sign language, science projects, Spanish as a second language. Activities reflect seasons and current events.

The purpose of the Wrap Around Program is to extend the day for children in the Hoboken Early Childhood Program who need additional care. It is available if you need extended school hours before and after school and when school is not in session during some holidays.

Our staff consists of experienced professionals along with students enrolled in programs and/or colleges in the area of Early Childhood Education and Childcare. We encourage and invite you to reach out to our families past or present to ask what their child’s experience was with our Before and After Care programs.

For the most part, Wrap Around is broken down to give families the following choices:

● Wrap Around on School Days - Morning and After Care

● Summer Enrichment

These services are available on a fee for service or voucher basis in order to assist parents who need a longer day for their children.

Before Care is a great way for parents to get to work early or on time! Mile Square opens 7:30 AM to 8:30 AM. Our staff is welcoming and creative to help make a smooth transition for those parents that are working in a timely fashion.

After Care makes it easy for those parents that have to work past 2:30 PM or just need that extra hour to complete some chores. It's creative, fun, and most of all, relaxed. These extra hours allow children to explore using their own creativity.

Preschool Transition Program

Mile Square Early Learning Center located in the Rue Building has expanded the Preschool Transition Program. The Transition Preschool Program is offered to children as young as 2 years old, for those who do not meet the cut off for PreK-3 as well as 4 year olds. Children from Hoboken, Jersey City, Weehawken or adjacent towns may attend. The Program is only available at the Mile Square Rue Site at a competitive rate compared to other centers in the area.

The Preschool Transition Program was created for families who wanted to provide their children an early introduction to preschool with a staff of skilled educators within Mile Square ELC. Our Program utilizes the Creative Curriculum which provides developmentally appropriate goals and objectives for young children with four main categories of interest: social/emotional, physical, cognitive and language using a theme-based learning model.

The social/emotional stage helps promote independence, self-confidence and self-control. Within this stage, children learn how to make friends, how to have group interactions and how to follow rules.

The physical stage is intended to increase children’s large and small motor skills. The cognitive stage is associated with thinking skills. Children learn how to solve problems, ask questions and think critically.

The language stage deals with communication. Children learn how to communicate with others, listen and participate in conversations, and recognize various forms of print. In this stage, children begin to recognize letters and words. Our teachers create thematic units designed to support children’s natural curiosity and stimulate their creativity as they explore, experiment and investigate through hands-on activities.

Mile Square classrooms are filled with toys, books and age appropriate furniture. Our children engage in daily activities such as:

  • Circle Time, Art, Music, Dramatic Play, as well as small and large group activities

  • Children’s work is labeled using their words to express their ideas

  • Children begin to use language expression to help to communicate with their peers and the adults in their lives.

Children have many opportunities to enhance math and science skills by using their environment, such as with weather charts, graphs, and surveys. Children playing with blocks learn balancing, measuring, and geometric as well as math concepts. Yet, they are having fun! Sand and water table play enables children to learn about pouring, measuring, science etc. Puppets, dolls, and dramatic play encourages creativity and develops language skills. Daily outdoor activities and special walking trips allow the children to expand their experiences.

The Creative Curriculum Overview

Registration Process

In order to begin the registration process for the Transition Program parents must complete and submit a Preschool Transition Application. Once application is complete, please send to

Summer Enrichment Program

The Hoboken Preschool Summer Enrichment Program provides children with theme-based learning opportunities that incorporate both education and summer fun! The schedule includes many activities that compliment the Tools of the Mind Curriculum.

We will read and discuss theme-related children’s literature in large and small groups, complete hands-on developmentally appropriate math, literacy & science activities, and continue to practice social skills, self-regulation and problem solving strategies.

In addition, we will also have morning meeting, rest time, meals, and ample time for free play, outdoor play and sprinkler time.

More Summer Program Information can be found in the Forms Section here.